Frequently Asked Questions

As our customer you can control and manage your details on our website: 

  • change your billing address and preferences 
  • pay your ground rent invoices 
  • view your account summary 
  • apply for service, such as consent for alterations or a lease extension 
  • request a refund 
  • add an authorised person to manage the account on your behalf. 

You can also contact us by: 

  • enquiry form on the website 
  • email at 
  • phone on 020 3966 2974 
  • writing to us at HomeGround Management LtdPO Box 6433London W1A 2UZ 

Please remember to quote your 12-digit customer reference number on all correspondence, which you can find on HomeGround invoices. If you do not have this information, please give us your full property address with the postcode. 

So that we can amend our records if you have changed your name, please send us a copy of either your marriage certificate or a deed poll. 

You can send us the document by logging into the portal and using the enquiry form. 

To notify HomeGround about the death of the owner of a property, please could you send us a copy of: 

  • the death certificate and
  • the grant of probate (if this is not available, then please send us a copy of the will that shows details of the executors). 

You can send us the documents by logging into the portal here and using the enquiry form. 

We recommend that you seek legal advice about how to transfer ownership of the property. 

Insurance Complaints

Homeground are committed to delivering the highest standards of service. Whilst we make every effort to maintain the highest standards, we recognise that there may be occasions when we fail to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

We therefore have in place procedures to investigate and remedy any areas of concern. Please note that your complaint may need to be dealt with under FCA Regulations and may therefore be referred to our FCA authorised and regulated Principal for these services, Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited, for whom we are an Appointed Representative.

You can contact Homeground using the following methods:

  1. Email:
  2. Post: HomeGround, PO Box6433, London, W1A 2UZ
  3. Tel: Leave a message on our dedicated Appointed Representative phone line: 020 3301 2629

To help us investigate your complaint efficiently please address your email or letter to ‘Insurance Manager’. Please also make sure that you include the full property address with postcode to which the original query related, as well as your unique 12-digit reference number.

In such circumstances we promise:

  • To try and resolve the complaint within 3 working days and write to you confirming if we have done so.
  • To acknowledge promptly any complaints which have exceeded 3 working days.
  • To respond fully to your concerns or complaints within four weeks or less. If for any reason this is not possible, we will write to you to explain why we have been unable to conclude the matter quickly.
  • If we have been unable to resolve your complaint in eight weeks, we will write to you explaining the reason as to why this has not been possible. We will also advise you of your right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (if applicable). To learn more about the Redress scheme offered by the FCA, please visit:

If you would like a physical copy of the leaflet, please let us know and we will send you one.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you still feel that we have not been able to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, after this process you may have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service; the ways to contact are:

If you take any of the action above, it does not affect your statutory right to take legal action.

HomeGround Management Limited - 9 January 2019

If you have more than one property you can run them all with one group account. You can then apply for consent requests, make payments or download documents for all your properties with a single log in.

If you would like a group account you need to contact us to set it up. After we group your accounts your log in will remain the same and you can manage your accounts as before. The only difference is that you will need begin by selecting the property you want to deal with for property specific requests.

You can access and download a copy of your lease from your account on the customer portal for free. Alternatively, we can supply you with a duplicate copy of your lease.

If you are thinking about letting your property you might need to seek consent from your landlord first. To find out more about this process, please login to our online portal here.

As part of the sale process you may need to:

  • give your solicitor your landlord's details
  • provide proof that your ground rent has been paid
  • supply a seller’s pack – also known as a management or assignment pack – please use our contact form.

If we have been appointed to collect and organise your ground rent on behalf of your landlord, you should also pass on our contact details to your solicitor.

We can only discuss the freehold, subletting, alteration or pet consent details with the legal owner of a property. If you have such questions before you buy a property and the current owner cannot answer them, then please ask them to contact us.

Yes. Normally, a leaseholder needs their landlord’s written approval, or consent, before making any alterations. This is not only to make sure that any alterations do not adversely affect the structure or insurability of the building but is also for the benefit of other residents within the building. You can apply for consent to make alterations through the HomeGround portal. To login to your account, please click here.