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The recent changes brought about by the Building Safety Act and the associated regulations provide some leaseholders with protections against costs arising from certain building safety related costs, in some circumstances. Some leaseholders will still have to pay, up to a capped amount and others will still have to pay in line with their usual service charge apportionments as determined by their lease.

The LDoC enables the Landlord to understand who within a block may, under certain circumstances, be required to contribute towards those building safety related costs, and to ensure that they only pay the amount that the law has deemed appropriate.

You need to complete the LDoC to determine if you qualify for the leaseholder protections against building safety costs, arising from Building Safety act and to enable your landlord to calculate your maximum financial contribution towards those costs.

The information provided in the LDoC will help your building owner to ensure that no leaseholder will pay more than the law now requires in relation to building safety related costs.

As our customer you can control and manage your details on our website: 

  • change your billing address and preferences;
  • pay your ground rent invoices;
  • view your account summary;
  • apply for service, such as consent for alterations or a lease extension;
  • request a refund;
  • add an authorised person to manage the account on your behalf. 

You can also contact us by:

  • enquiry form on the website
  • email at
  • phone on 020 3966 2974 (opening hours are Monday - Friday - 10am - 4pm)
  • writing to us at HomeGround Management Ltd, PO Box 6433, London W1A 2UZ

If you wish to make a payment you can call our automated payment line directly on 03300 887953.

Please remember to quote your 12-digit customer reference number on all correspondence, which you can find on HomeGround invoices. If you do not have this information, please give us your full property address with the postcode. 

To switch to paperless, please log in to your HomeGround Portal. You can opt for paperless on the My Dashboard screen under My Details – Change, tick the “I prefer paperless communication” and save your option with the save button at the bottom of the My Details page.

For an easy to follow how to video click here.

If you are experiencing problems with this or would like the option to go paperless without logging in, please use the Contact Us form or call us on 020 3966 2974

Statement requests

To request a copy of your account statement, please log in to your HomeGround portal. You can request a statement on the My Dashboard screen under the Account balance option on the left of the screen. A statement will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

If you are experiencing problems with this or to request a statement without logging in, please use the Contact us form. A response will be sent to you within 3 to 5 working days

HomeGround offers the following methods of payment.

HomeGround Portal

View and pay your invoices online; successful payments appear on your account straight away.

Automated payment line

Call 03300 887953 and follow the instructions. You will need your 12-digit customer reference number. Standard call rates apply. Calls from mobiles or landlines may be included in free call packages.

Things you may need to know

We review our services and the fees and administration charges we collect from customers periodically, to ensure these are benchmarked, are reasonable and reflect factors such as inflation. The last such review we undertook was towards the end of 2022. Our 2024 review has just been completed, and a small number of fees will be increasing as from May 2024. Where a fee is increasing and an ongoing transaction or service was quoted at the old fee level, this will be honoured. In response to customer and conveyancer demand we are also introducing new expedited services for our Assignment and Mortgage packs. Details of this are in the updated fees and requirements guidance we send to customers as part of our pre-sales process.

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Recent changes brought about by the Building Safety Act and the associated regulations may provide some leaseholders with protections against costs arising from certain building safety related costs, in some circumstances. A deed of certificate, in the prescribed form set out by government, needs to be completed to determine if you are eligible for the protections...

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We are delighted to announce that HomeGround now has a dedicated telephone line so that our customers can call us if they need to. Many customers have requested the option to contact us by phone, and our decision to introduce this service involved careful consideration of customer feedback alongside the need go on delivering service improvements across all our communication routes.

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