Important Information – Outstanding ground rent or Insurance premium

If you currently have an outstanding balance on your account you may have received a notification letter from us to remind you about your balance and to request that you contact us if you are in financial difficulty or if you have a query with your account.

During this difficult period some of our payment processes have been delayed. We would like to thank our customers who have contacted us and been patient with the delay in processing cheque payments.

Our normal arrears process, including charging late payment fees, has been on hold since 18th March 2020 in view of the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We are now recommencing our usual process, and from Monday 14th September 2020 we will be contacting you if you have an outstanding balance on your account. If you have already received a notification letter from us the next reminder letter you get will incur a late payment administration fee.

If we contact you regarding an outstanding balance on your account, please read the letter carefully, ensure you pay your balance or contact us within the timeframe specified in the letter in order to avoid incurring further late payment fees or legal costs.