Consent to sublet might still be required even if you are purchasing a property with the intention to rent it out. All mortgage providers will need to see the freeholder’s consent to sublet.

Your solicitor should have obtained consent to sublet or given the landlord notice of subletting, if it was required by the terms of the lease. This consent may have been requested from the developers during purchase.

If this is the case, please send us copies of the necessary documentation so that we can update our records. If this is not obtained, our sublet process will need to be completed.

If you decide to renew your tenancy with the same tenant, we will require written confirmation to keep our records up to date.

If you have acquired a new tenant(s), our sublet process will need to be completed again.

Our online consent to sublet form is easy and convenient. You can upload supporting documents, provide tenant’s details and even pay the sublet fee.

You will need to have registered on the HomeGround portal. If you have not yet registered, you can click here. You will need your alphanumeric security key and 12-digit customer reference number. If you need help with your password to gain access to your personal account, please click here.

We charge a fee of £75 to review your consent to sublet form, which is paid during the application process. If your lease does not require landlord’s consent and/or a notice of registration to be served, we will let you know and will refund you the £75. We do not store payment details, so you will need to supply your bank or card details for a refund. HomeGround can only send refunds to the account or card which was used to make the original payment. Please note that refunds can take up to ten working days.

To complete your application you need to upload a signed copy of your agreement with your tenants, in most cases this will be an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST). Please note that the minimum sublet term we would accept is three months.

It is also important that you give us your alternative address for receiving your ground rent or insurance invoices. Non-payment of ground rent or insurance might result in late payment charges or further arrears action on your account.

This type of let is not permitted according to the terms of your lease and short-term lets could be considered a breach of the lease.

Multiple agreements in your lease may prohibit this activity, for instance: that the property may not be used as a place to run a business; or that it has to be occupied by a single, private resident; or that short-term lets may be considered a nuisance.

All lets are to be a minimum of three months (90 days).

It usually takes HomeGround three to five working days to process a sublet request, from the time we receive the completed form and a payment of £75. Depending on the terms of your lease, we will send you a sublet registration document or a sublet consent certificate.

HomeGround do not charge a retrospective fee for sublets. If you have not taken consent before renting out your property, please complete the sublet request process through our website.

If you'd informed your previous landlord about the current tenancy, please send us the documentation so that we can update our records. Should it come to light that this was not obtained, our sublet process will have to be completed.